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Brookes McKenzie

Brookes McKenzie's RARB Bio

I am a senior at Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts (near Amherst). An English major with a linguistics minor, I'm looking to go into publishing next year, in NYC (woo-hoo!), which is where I'm originally from. I have been known to have a slight problem with run-on sentences, as anyone who's ever spoken with me or received written communication from me can attest, so if this bio becomes a little bit, er, breathless, bear with me. Um, hobbies (I hate that word — who the hell ever actually says, "I enjoy my hobby of knitting sweaters out of lint"?) include reading, writing, photography, playing with computers, horseback riding, & junk like that.

Music I like (of the non-a cappella variety) consists of pop/rock that doesn't take itself too seriously — favorite bands/artists include XTC, Matthew Sweet, Steely Dan, Palace, The Beatles, Beck, Crowded House, Jellyfish, Barenaked Ladies, The Posies, They Might Be Giants, Dylan, and various and sundry flavors of the month — last month's was Ben Folds Five, this month is Spookey Ruben.

A cappella likes/experience (oh, yeah, I knew there was a point to this somewhere) — I've been a Soprano II in the 51-year-old collegiate group the Smithereens for four years counting this one; I was president of the group last year, and this year I'm actually the historian although I really do nothing; in high school I was brutally negged by the main women's group who not only have the misfortune of being named after the most reviled and over-done song in all of a cappella but who by the time I was a senior were so pathetic that they were unable to even sing the aforementioned three-chord song - they started "wee-ee-ee"-ing three times and then had to give up (I'm not bitter at all, either); but I was in a few other groups — a gospel choir (okay, so there was piano accompaniment, but it was mostly a cappella), a women's group that would have sung jazz/blues songs had we ever gotten off the ground, and a coed doo-wop group. As far as the a cappella I listen to goes, my tastes are pretty mainstream — later Bobs albums, the first Take 6, Rockapella, House Jacks, I have some of the more outrĂ© stuff like Toby Twining and Vocal Sampling, but I have yet to listen to it enough to say whether or not I really like them.

This is already long enough, so I'll cut it off here, but feel free to drop me a line or whatnot, and/or attend my home page as you see fit.

Reviews by Brookes McKenzie

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