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The Pennchants

University of Pennsylvania

Ew/Sanctuary/Run/Gimme Love - Single (2022)


June 3, 2022

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Kimberly Raschka Sailor

The Pennchants tend to have a "summer backyard party with neon accents" personality (see the group's website for quick confirmation). The soundscape for Ew/Sanctuary/Run/Gimme Love fits the group's fun-lovin' aesthetic quite nicely, giving us a huge, showy sound across all four of these Joji songs. This release is the flamingo floatie in the pool.

This is also an interesting twist for a mashup, because Ew/Sanctuary/Run/Gimme Love features the same lead across all four songs: Paco Dos Remedios. In a cappella's quest to continue making mashups blend more cohesively and become more complementary between sections, using one lead is a simple and rarely-tried strategy. And it's effective here, too, because we get the full skillset of Dos Remedios in these pieces: the impressive range, the delicate falsetto, legato so lovely it sculpts the music, and an equal command in vocal strength for the R&B genre or a pining ballad.

Though the arrangement occasionally dips its toes in basic block-chord waters when ripe for sonic invention (four source songs to choose from, after all), the transitions are seamless, and the feel and groove anchor the piece nicely. That's a tall order, neatly wrapped up by 2021 Penn grad and "Resident Frat Star" Dos Remedios. Also, though not related to this review, props to The Pennchants for the group's online collection. I've never seen an a cappella YouTube channel quite so robust, thorough, or colorful!

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