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Sulthan Ahmed

Momento - Single (2022)


Review By Dan Fister

August 27, 2022

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Dan Fister

Sulthan Ahmed reminds us to live a little with his original single, Momento. In addition to writing the music and the lyrics, he sings all of the parts, performs the vocal percussion, and arranged the song with Gisela Paterno. The repetitive lyrics advise the listener to seize the day and each moment, to reflect and cry, to scream and shout, because each moment is "once in a lifetime".

The song and the arrangement are both modest in scope and repetition, which allows the listener to focus on the solo line and the lyrics, especially during the almost meditative verses. The verses are separated by a short interlude that is faster, more energetic, and propelled mostly by the syllable "na" instead of words. I'm not sure that these interludes work for me because of how they disrupt the verses and the mood they set for no discernible compositional purpose. After the second interlude, I expected the song to continue, maybe with a third verse or a bridge, but the song ends abruptly.

In future songs, I hope that Ahmed develops his song concepts a bit more to think about a better continuous rather than sectional form, which will tell the story of his songs with greater strength. 


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