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Naturally 7

Fix You - Single (2014)


Review By TeKay

September 10, 2014

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Fix You is available now. Naturally 7's U.S. debut album Hidden In Plain Sight will be released February 10, 2015.


And then this happens: Naturally 7 decides to once again tackle a clichéd a cappella song and make a miracle.


No one attuned to the a cappella community really wants to hear another cover of that song. THAT SONG that I really don't want to name, but it rhymes with "mix stew". Heck, there's even a thread on the RARB/CASA forum that uses the title in a rickroll of a BOCA announcement. So why do it?


Because, if the group hadn't decided to tackle it, if Naturally 7 hadn't infused this song with its own superb spin, this same community would have suffered greatly. 

After pretty standard (and natural sounding) verses and choruses that are similar to most of the other versions you've heard, the Naturally 7 style kicks in, the vocal play takes over, and the track opens up and delivers such an emotional punch that it takes a moment to catch your breath.

The arrangement of the backing vocals in each of the sections complements the various soloists superbly. You'll hear bare and minimalist except for the added tremolo in the beginning, leading to super agitated arpeggios in the middle indicating a need for change, and finally the angelic bridge and jazzy outro that ends with a unison "to fix you". Overall, it's an admission of servitude rather than an admonition on failure. The voices help you take that first step on your journey and are encouraging you to complete it.

While this cover of Fix You isn't as transcendent or transformative as the group's cover of Feel It (In The Air Tonight), to say that it's anything less than brilliant would be illogical. This is the version of the song that will make you happy to get up in the morning. Naturally 7 has done it again, and I, for one, am grateful.


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