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Sympathetic Vibrations

Georgia Institute of Technology

My Love - Single (2016)


Review By TeKay

October 7, 2016

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My Love also streams on Spotify.


My love of all things Justin Timberlake has severely waned during recent years. In fact, it's almost dead and gone. So it was with just a smidgen of trepidation that I went into the endeavor of listening to My Love, the new release by Georgia Tech’s Sympathetic Vibrations. Though I can't say I'm loving it, I do like it a lot.

While not actually a total re-imagination of the song, the arrangement by Richard Huckaby is the true winner. It gives a lot of new without drifting too far from the original and the reason we were fascinated with the song in the first place. The backs are the stars here. From the atmospheric opening chords to the deftly handled cascading rhythm under the faster sections, Huckaby took creative risks that work supremely well while maintaining a solid familiarity that was able to bring the sexy back.

What's holding the track back? The soloist and rapper. They are both good, but not excellent, which gives the track the same result. Caleb Wikle has a pleasing voice in his mid-range, but the occasional pitch fluctuation in his falsetto is noticeable and takes away a bit of that high tenor passion. Rahul Raina’s rap suffices, but overall suffers from the lack swagger needed to rock your body.

Welp, my fear was relieved because these guys bring most of the feels one can feel with their laidback and loungey version of this song. Clocking in at a little over four minutes, the track is quite enjoyable. Not quite a TKO, but then not bounce worthy, either. My Love is definitely worthy of repeated listening to accentuate a lazy fall night.

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