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Track IX

Lipstick - Single (2017)


December 29, 2017

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Kimberly Raschka Sailor

Artist Track IX describes this release as follows: "Lipstick is an electro swing style song created with sounds purely from the human voice. This song is purely a cappella but surprisingly electronic sounding." Some a cappella fans will make the following revision: "This song is purely electronic sounding but surprisingly a cappella." Vocally, there's really nothing au naturel to hang your hat on with this one, but there is a lot to marvel at.

The artist and the concept are both really interesting. Track IX is a beatboxer, and this track is actually constructed as much through her drum effects and beatboxing patterns as her singing. This is much easier to appreciate when given a visual on what she's doing, and lucky for us she has a fun music video. If you're going to self-declare your music as electronic-sounding, I must also highlight the fabulous mixing by Bri Holland, which is actually so good and club-ready it makes the result a lot less straightforward a cappella. The song itself, an original composition from Track IX, has a sultry modern-flapper vibe going on, delivered by equal parts fierce temptress and coy girl, not too unlike Britney Spears. If this is your first encounter with Track IX, her earlier YouTube a cappella videos are less processed, giving your ears a less filtered presentation on her impressive beatboxing, which is as clean and ornate as any of her peers, as well as a platform for her exceptionally versatile voice. 

You may be getting the idea that Lipstick is a polarizing release. It's plenty catchy and certainly novel to hear a solo artist construct a song like this — so give Lipstick a spin and see if it's to your liking. 


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