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Hansel Romero

How Long (ft. Kyle Hogan) - Single (2017)


December 31, 2017

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How Long also streams on Spotify.

Daniel G. Westbrook

Following up after his last RARB submission Steady, recording artist Hansel Romero is pretty true to the original in his next cover, presenting the slick beats and popping hits of the Charlie Puth song How Long (with help from Kyle Hogan). There isn’t a lot of distinction to make it stand out from the version you’ve likely heard on the radio, however.

There are still a few great moments with Romero's take — chords reminiscent of famous groups like Naturally 7 or AHMIR, these layered panting breaths that make the opening catchier, and a noticeable opening-up with an original riff at the penultimate moment of the song. This being said, these smaller fresh moments don't go far enough to make How Long a standout. It is, by most of its artistic choices, so similar to the version it copies that you could just listen to Charlie Puth do it and get the same result. Romero is technically proficient to be sure, but this single leaves a lot to be desired. 

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