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Tino Spieß Vocal Producktions

All Falls Down - Single (2019)


Review By Kyle Yampiro

July 21, 2020

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Kyle Yampiro

Establishing a nice groove early and purposefully using filters, Tino Spieß delivers a solid electronicappella cover of All Falls Down.

Not to be understated here is the quality of primary soloist Sarah Kraus, whose alluring timbre and subtle pop stylings are spot-on for this particular song. Spieß himself sings the second verse, adding a soothing and complementary contrasting voice. The arrangement is loaded with buoyant, consonant sounds and a sense of lightness that need not be over-thought. Kraus is engaging from the first moment, her intentional rhythmic interpretation deftly establishing a groove to hook a listener from the intro onward.

The simple effects and rhythms of the refrain contrast with the verse well, but it's the strict repetition of that simplicity that proves to be a shortcoming by the end of the track; the insistence and persistence of off-beat rhythms with distortion represent a sense of loud monotony that steals the show in those sections. And while the electronic influence is clear and it is not a trademark of that style, a relatively narrow dynamic range does not serve any a cappella track on the whole, especially where longer held notes are present.

With All Falls Down, jack-of-all-trades Tino Spieß again delivers an easily-digestible, enjoyable collaboration with a talented featured artist.

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