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Tino Spieß Vocal Producktions

Love Someone - Single (2019)


Review By Kyle Yampiro

April 8, 2020

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Love Someone is available on digital platforms

Kyle Yampiro

Under Vocal Producktions, the multifaceted Tino Spieß presents Lukas Graham's Danish chart-topping hit Love Someone. This release features Andreas Multrus on solo and some of the background, while Spieß himself handles the rest. While there are some lovely moments and nice solo work, the track has some exposed moments and ultimately feels uneven, perhaps even a bit undercooked.

Multrus's solo interpretation has a simple sweetness: a conversational quality while maintaining rhythmic integrity, and not gratuitously back-phrasing or embellishing. While this may sound simple, mitigating the differences in a genuine, effortless way can be quite challenging, and Multrus pulls it off well here.

The unevenness comes from some of the studio work as evidenced by some bare, unpleasant aural moments in the arrangement. A few errant pitches with vibrato venturing a hair outside of the desired pitch range, an exposed and unbalanced early bass line, and some transitions crying for more dynamic contrast to make up for a thin texture are a few points that come to mind. Quite simply, this natural style of recording in lieu of excess reverb demands a bit more intensive care, either in the conception, tracking, or editing process to avoid glaring imperfections.

That said, there is quite a synergy to much of Love Someone, and it is impressive that the performances came from just two artists. Kudos to Spieß for assuming the lion's share of the work in producing this single for Vocal Producktions.

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