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Men in Drag

University of Chicago

Coming Undone - Single (2013)


Review By Robert Dietz

January 7, 2014

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Robert Dietz

Coming Undone is one of the most badass a cappella tracks I've ever heard, utilizing many great techniques one can use to make rock a cappella sound truly legit. In the absence of instruments to give a full harmonic spectrum, we instead must rely on studio trickery, interesting vocal tones, and a whole heap of energy and commitment. These are the tools in Men In Drag's toolbox, and they're used to great effect.

The track opens with the most convincing (yet still somehow clearly vocal) distorted guitar effect I've ever heard. The kick drum thumps, the snare hits hard, and all manner of vocal flourishes weave in and out to create the driving rhythm. The arrangement develops nicely, incorporating vocal fry, screaming, belting, nasal whining, heavy breathing, silence, and pretty much everything else you could think of to support the intensity of the song. The group commits fully, and everything works.

The only place my interest lags slightly is the second pre-chorus, which is basically an exact repeat of the first. It's a fleeting moment, though. The rest of Coming Undone is fully engaging, creative, and one of my favorite tracks of 2013!

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