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Case Western Reserve University

Don't You Worry Child / Dastaan-E-Om Shanti Om - Single (2016)


Review By TeKay

January 19, 2017

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In art (espeically music), I fall squarely on the side of artists discovering new means of creative expression and experimenting with genres. So when Hindi fusion a cappella first hit the scenes twenty years ago (yep), I was one of those overjoyed folks who loved hearing this hybrid music. 

Today, artists need to explore next steps. What's going to make the sound more exciting and new? And that's partially where Dhamakapella has suceeded. The fused Don't You Worry Child with Dastaan-E-Om Shanti Om is an intriguing mix. Both songs have been reset into a melancholic ballad from their original uptempo pieces. Thematically it works for both of them — love pined for and lost, and the world hearing your story as a sort of cautionary tale. Genius.

And then there is everything else. The beginning is magnificent as both soloists and the background grab you with angelic intensity. But then the failure starts to creep in: the transitions become more abrupt and jarring; the male soloist begins forcing out his upper notes on the Hindi section that is less emotional and more aggravating; the tempo becomes plodding and expected; and the arrangement ends up being less than exciting and actually a bit anti-climatic with the constant repeating of lyrics for a background. It's all so simplistic when it should have been complex and heartwrenching.

So I applaud Dhamakapella for taking a chance resetting the styles of the songs and making a statement, but this group has to pay more attention to musical and arrangement details if it wants to push fusion a cappella to the next level.

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