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Jackson Jills

Tufts University

Light On - Single (2021)


Review By TeKay

December 30, 2021

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Expansive is the first word that comes to mind during the opening "oo-wah" in Light On, the latest single from the Jackson Jills. The sound envelops the listener and carries them along on a pretty joyous, though saccharine ride. From this great opening, there is not enough growth that really makes the track light up. It's solidly engaging in the first verse, bridge and outro, but I was expecting something extravagant throughout.

The transition into and energy of the first chorus is especially egregious. Drummer Miley Xiao tries her hardest to get the group to embody the pulse and set the song on an energetic groove, but the singers fight her and fight her hard. Light On is stuck between being an atmospheric power ballad and a driving dance track. And the dance track should have won out because 1) it is the ever-present drumming idea right there in your face and 2) it would have made an excellent complement/ode to Maggie Rogers's electronic folk original. You can hear what arranger Zi Yi Lim and the men of Plaid Productions were attempting with the recording, and it almost got there. Almost, but not quite.

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