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Northwestern University

F**k You - Single (2012)


Review By Robert Dietz

September 18, 2013

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Robert Dietz

X-Factors's F**k You plays it safe. Okay sure, they do actually drop the F-bomb, but beyond that there’s very little to surprise on what amounts to a vocal transcription of the Cee Lo original.

Everything about this track feels very calculated. The vocals, while certainly not devoid of energy, sound edited into oblivion such that all the fun of the original is lost. And, though it’s approximately at the same tempo as the Cee Lo version, this interpretation feels too slow to me – perhaps due to the lack of vocal spontaneity and drive. 

The lead is solid, but feels mismatched to the style. I hear a touch of country twang in his delivery, and I almost wish X-Factors had played that up and tried for a full-on country version of the song — that would have at least been something new and different.

The savviest decision the group made was to omit the second chorus of the tune, opting instead to launch right from the verse to the bridge. This tightens up the form and makes the song a little easier to sit through. Sadly, without anything fresh or ear-catching though, it’s still mostly a slog. 


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