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The AllNighters

Johns Hopkins University

Miracle - Single (2015)


Review By Catherine Lewis

November 3, 2015

Ordering Information

Miracle is available for streaming on YouTube. The video includes a free download link. 

Catherine Lewis

Kimbra's song Miracle has a bouncy disco feel to it, and the AllNighters from Johns Hopkins preserve that retro vibe with their version. Other than the modern recording quality, you could've told me that this song was recorded by the 1995 class of AllNighters, and I'd believe you — and I actually mean that in a good way: the AllNighters' interpretation of the song's breezy vibe is absolutely timeless.

Without drastically changing the original song, the guys in the AllNighters have improved on it by shortening the length. Kimbra's original seems to go on and on and on and on, but the AllNighters come in and sing what they need to, and it's a breath of fresh air to this repetitive pop song. The build in the bridge before the final burst of choruses could've been more dramatic (it's still pretty great, though, and that whispered "miracle!" is fantastic), but they make up for it with the nuanced layers in the arrangement in the final block of choruses, which are intricate enough to distract listeners from the original's simple chorus.

Without a lot of crazy bells and whistles, the AllNighters have shown how to improve on a modern pop song. Sometimes all it takes is a crisp, clean recording and an efficient, well-executed arrangement.

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