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Ransom Notes

University of Chicago

Better (The Gate / 1,000,000 X Better / Bad / Better Now / University) - Single (2021)


December 28, 2021

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Better streams on Spotify.

Kimberly Raschka Sailor

Still coming in hot from the 2021 ICCA, the Ransom Notes present the audio track for Better: memorialized for worldwide enjoyment. 

As I'm sure was well-discussed during the group's spring run to the Finals, this arrangement is really something to behold. Why? A five-song mashup that bucks the expectation of A-B-C-D-E segments. This really feels like a new work, expertly layered to create a fresh song in Better by having the duet partners tell their story across the original songs. Easy listening but very hard work, made more impressive by the forward momentum and urgency that continuously unfolds like origami. Wonyoung Jang, you're clever and awesome. And a heck of a drummer, too.

Why the "4"? I get to do an apples to apples comparision, because I just listened to the Ransom Notes's full-length album Built to Last. If you like Better, you ain't heard nothing yet without listening to that masterpiece. Make it a Ransom Notes winter and give both plenty of airtime. This is a group on the move.

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