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The Pitchforks

Duke University

Too Good at Goodbyes - Single (2018)


Review By Sean P. Gorecki

December 27, 2018

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Too Good at Goodbyes streams on Spotify, Tidal, and Deezer.

Sean P. Gorecki

There are a myriad of qualities that can make or break a track: tuning, blend, production value, etc. Too Good at Goodbyes by The Pitchforks of Duke University has all the technical aspects of a really good track. The vowels are flawless. The mix is balanced and subtle. The dynamics are pristine, even with a fading “wah” effect. And all of this, while managing to avoid sounding like a computer program artificially manipulating everything. It is the most perfect version of this group while still clearly an accurate representation of the singers.

But what makes this a great track is that from beginning to end, the connection to the emotional tether of the song rings true. The arrangement is rich, yet relatively simple. The backgrounds of sustained vowels with occasional rhythmic variations is paired perfectly with vocal percussion that is only present enough to complement the whole. The solo is as soulful as one can hope for while still feeling genuine, and the harmonies add to the fullness of the sonic space. Too Good at Goodbyes is a powerful, yet tender track that is absolutely worthy of standing alone as a single.

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