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Run for Cover

University of Chicago

Dark Necessities / Can't Stop - Single (2018)


Review By TeKay

December 24, 2018

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The amazing men behind Dawn and Gold are back with a hot new single, a mash-up of two songs by the Red Hot Chili Peppers: Dark Necessities and Can’t Stop. And it is pretty fantastic. Where the originals are a bit more biting in their forward-moving rocking way, Run for Cover takes the listener on an overall more mellow and ethereal journey, right from the dynamics-infused jump to the whispery end, with a few crackling moments thrown in, too.

The arrangement is the most intriguing part of the whole endeavor. Not knowing either song, I didn’t initially hear the transition between the two songs. If there weren't two soloists on this track, I would have mistaken it for one song and that’s pretty ingenious. Even after listening to RHCP’s version, the creative spark that ignited Alex Hummels and Will Shore into mixing the two is enviable.

Dark Necessities is the better half of the track, hence the scoring of a "4" instead of a "5". Once Can’t Stop settles in, the energy noticeably wanes. And the decision to go with a more natural sound in Can’t Stop doesn’t help either as it exposes the more mundane aspects of the arrangement with unified "doh"s and "jah"s that detract from the more rhythmic parts.

Honestly, had it just been Dark Necessities this would have been one of my favorite singles of the year. It’s still good and I’ll keep listening to it, and I know that you will, too.

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