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Eight Beat Measure

Rochester Institute of Technology

Get the Girl Back - Single (2014)


Review By Michael Marcus

February 19, 2014

Ordering Information

Listen and download for free on Soundcloud, or purchase the track on Loudr or iTunes.

Michael Marcus

It would seem that Eight Beat Measure is making good on its plan to release a steady stream of free singles — four so far, including this latest release — leading up to a new album in the fall. This level of output is surely an achievement in itself, but (as evidenced by our previous reviews of Scream and Panic Station) the tracks themselves are also pretty great. Happily, Get the Girl Back keeps the streak going.

Indeed, "happy" is the adjective that leaps to mind most when listening to this track. It's got great energy, a fun groove, a fantastic high tenor in soloist Jack Kelleher, and even a little soul; in short, everything one could want in a Hanson cover. It's also catchy as hell. Ben Bram (of Sing-Off fame) contributes a simple yet effective arrangement that mostly gets out of the song's way but does sneak in a recurring vocal horn motif and a jubilant final shout chorus, among other delights.

Sure, this track isn't quite as transformative as Scream, nor does it rock quite as hard as Panic Station. But it does make me happy. And of course the price is right, but for those who have the means this track is well worth a dollar and change. What more can an aca fan ask for?

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