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Fleet Street Singers

Stanford University

All-Nighter - Single (2019)


Review By TeKay

July 3, 2020

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There are two thoughts about this original song from Stanford's Fleet Street Singers: it’s not the greatest pop song in the history of time, but it is the greatest pop song about our history with time. Almost everyone in the collegiate (and in many instances high school) realm has experienced the procrastination ritual known as the "all-nighter" – that 20+ hour work fest of unbridled creativity. That period of time where Herculean feats of scholarship occur. This track is at once an ode and a condemnation of the lies that we tell ourselves when we willfully choose this path as our work ethic. And it is silly fun. Weston Gaylord and Mark O’Meara crafted a superb song that Aman Singh sings with a gusto and charm that is evergreen.

All-Nighter begins with an incessantly droning tick-tocking clock that reminds me of the opening of Madonna’s Hung Up. It really sets the mood of the track and the inevitability of failure as deadlines approach — time keeps marching and you keep procrastinating. The song has a lot of glee in its arrangement style with extended instances of old-school “da” “bow” and “doo-doot”s which seemed a bit out of sync the first few listens, but grew on me as the seconds and minutes and hours of listening to the song drew on.

The music video is amazing and what pushed the track from a "4" to a "5" for me. I’m in my fourth decade of listening to the Fleet Street Singers (yeesh) and as long as these musicians continue to produce songs of this caliber, I hope to listen for at least four more.

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