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Voices in Your Head

University of Chicago

Wolves - Single (2021)


Review By TeKay

March 17, 2022

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Wolves streams on Spotify.


If we were structured to assess decimal scores on our reviews, then the release of Wolves from Voices in Your Head would definitely receive a "4.5" from me. Overall, it hits all the right marks that you look for in a track: solid arrangement, creative divergencies, cool vocal percussion, engaging soloists, solid musicianship, and distinct production values. But there is just a little bit lacking with this track.

For me, that is heart and focus.

When comparing this work to the original (the nature of the beast), you can hear the significant difference. Kanye and friends perform a melancholia and foreboding that is absolutely devastating. And even though Voices in Your Head's version is a full minute longer than the original, the upped tempo detracts from the weightiness of the subject matter. The sound is too bright and energetic, going against the thematic coloring of the music. And maybe it's the choral nature of the chorus, but this hints at a KIDZ BOP version of the song. The whole thing comes across as a mash-up even though it isn't, as the disparate parts are just that — too disparate.

Some people will listen to this track and never tire of it. I continue to find something new to like every time I listen, but I keep coming back to that heart and focus criticism each time.

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