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Trey Harris

Trey Harris's RARB Bio

One day in high school, Trey Harris got cut from his tennis team. He suddenly found himself with too much time on his hands, and joined the pit orchestra for his school's musical. There, he met the choir director, and got convinced to join the school choir for his senior year — his first real choir experience.

Fast Forward: Two Years Later :: Trey, a voice performance and engineering dual major at the University of Michigan, is learning just how many people at his school like to sing. He starts a quartet that would sing pop and jazz songs using only their voices. (What a concept, eh?) They turn out to be very good (if he does say so himself), and sing at gigs all over campus. But personality conflicts soon break the group apart, and Trey is left with only his Glee Club, his school choir, and his voice lessons. Poor Trey...

Fast Forward again: One Year Later :: Trey, after spending a semester arranging a cappella music instead of studying, fails his math and physics classes and drops his engineering degree. He clings desperately to his music major, and starts a new group – this one a sextet. But personality conflicts strike again, and Trey is left with only his Glee Club. Poor Trey ... again ...

One More Time: Two Years Later :: Trey, now a music theory and theatre production major, isn’t singing at all. Even though he's taking countless musicology and music theory classes, there's no vocal music in his life. With an insane need to fill this void, he auditions for, makes, and joins the Dicks & Janes. He goes ape-wild with the group, arranging songs, teaching them, spending days and nights mixing them, and somehow he still doesn’t get tired. Even after he graduates, he stays with the group for a year, arranging like mad and mixing like the fool that he is. Eventually he arranges and mixes Porcelain, which earns a spot on BOCA 2004. Poor Trey is poor no more!

Nowadays, Trey is still arranging for bands, choirs, and a cappella groups around the country, and has started his own mixing and production studio in Los Angeles, California. Try my page for some samples.

Drop him a line at treymix at He'd love to hear from you!

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