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Album Reviews




7 Days (University of Minnesota, Twin Cities)

7th Element

Academical Village People (University of Virginia)

Academy (University of Bristol)


A Cappella Angels

A Cappella Records

Acappella Union

Acappology (North Carolina State University)


A Completely Different Note (University of Connecticut)



After Dark (Washington University in St. Louis)

After Eight (Cornell University)

After Hours (University of Rochester)


Akafist - The Russian Male Chamber Choir


Alabaster Blue (University of New Hampshire)


Allegrettos (Boston University)

All-Night Yahtzee (Florida State University)


Amazin' Blue (University of Michigan)

A Moments Pleasure

Anokha (University of Maryland)

Anonymous 4

Another Round (Indiana University)

Antioch Chamber Ensemble


APC Rhythm (New York University)

Apes & Babes

Apotheosis (Texas A&M University)

Armand Hutton

Artists in Resonance (University of California, Berkeley)

Ascending Height

Asli Baat (University of Southern California)

Aural Pleasure (Emory University)

Awaken A Cappella (University of California, Los Angeles)


Ball in the House

Banana Boat

Bare Naked Statues (Saint Louis University)


Bathtub Dogs (University of Nebraska-Lincoln)

BC Sharps (Boston College)

Bear Necessities (Brown University)

BFOM (University of California, Santa Barbara)

Big Bing Theory (Gonzaga University)

Black to Gold

Blind Man's Bluff

Blue Cheese (Brigham Young University)

Blue Jupiter

Blue Lights (Colby College)


Bonner Jazzchor

Boston College Acoustics (Boston College)

Boston College Dynamics (Boston College)


Brandeis VoiceMale (Brandeis University)

Breath of Soul

Briarcrest OneVoice

Brick City Singers (Rochester Institute of Technology)

Brown Derbies (Brown University)

Brown'sTones (Brown University)

Brown Sugar (Northwestern University)

Bruin Harmony (University of California, Los Angeles)

Bucks County Motet Singers

Business Casual

BYU A Cappella Club (Brigham Young University)

Cadence (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)


Cadence (Occidental College)


Cadenza (The University of Chicago)

Caltech Fluid Dynamics (California Institute of Technology)

Cantus Angelicus Choral Society

Cape Harmony

Capital Blend

Cappella Gloriana

Carol Ponder

Cartoon Johnny


Casual Harmony

Chai-Town (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)


Chapter 6

Chattertocks (Brown University)

Chicago a cappella

Chicago A Cappella

Chi Rho (Wake Forest University)

Choeur du Roi (University of Richmond)

Choral Pleasure (Purchase College, SUNY)

Chord On Blues (University of Pennsylvania)

Clarence (Magic Drumsticks) Steele

Clefhangers (Columbia University)

Clef Hangers (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)


Coco's Lunch

Cognitive Resonance


Company B (Brandeis University)

Compulsive Lyres (University of Michigan)

Concordia Choir

Conn-Men (University of Connecticut)

Corey Slutsky



Counterparts (University of Pennsylvania)

CU Buffoons (University of Colorado)

Dare To Breathe

Dartmouth Aires (Dartmouth College)

Dartmouth Cords (Dartmouth College)

Dartmouth Decibelles (Dartmouth College)

DeCadence (University of California, Berkeley)

Deep Treble (Rutgers University)

Deja Blue (Duke University)


Detroit Voice (Clarkston High School)

Dhamakapella (Case Western Reserve University)

Dhunki A Cappella (The University of Texas at Dallas)

Dicks & Janes (University of Michigan)

Die Vielharmoniker


Dischord (University of Pennsylvania)

Distilled Harmony (Northeastern University)

Divisi (Central Connecticut State University)

Divisi (University of Oregon)

DJ Nati

Doox of Yale (Yale University)

Down 4 The Count

Drums of War

Dulcet (Southern Oregon University)



Eight Beat Measure (Rochester Institute of Technology)

Eleventh Hour (Kettering Fairmont High School)

Essence (Tufts University)


Everyday People (Stanford University)

Exit 245 (James Madison University)


Extreme Measures (Northwestern University)

Extreme Measures (University of Connecticut)


Faith in Action

Faux Paz (University of Maryland)

Fermata Town

Fifth Element (University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire)


Five Live

Five O'Clock Shadow

Fleet Street Singers (Stanford University)


Flying Pickets

Fool Moon

For Good Measure

Forte (Centerville High School)

Four His Glory

Four Shadow

Fourth Avenue


Freshman Fifteen (Northwestern University)


From the Edge

Fundamentally Sound (University of Wisconsin - Madison)


Gemini Blvd. (University of Central Florida)

Germantown Friends School A Cappella (Germantown Friends School)

Gestalt (University of Florida)


Grains of Time (North Carolina State University)

Great Northern Union Chorus

Green Envy (Tulane University)

Greenleafs (Washington University in St. Louis)

Gregorian Chant Schola of St. Meinrad Archabbey

Groove Society

Group 7

GW Troubadours (The George Washington University)


Harmonettes (University of Michigan)

Harmonic Motion (Brown University)


Harriet Fraser

Harvard Callbacks (Harvard University)

Harvard LowKeys (Harvard University)

Harvard-Radcliffe Veritones (Harvard University)

Hearsay A Cappella (Cornell University)

He Said, She Said

Higher Keys (Brown University)


Highlands Voices

High Street A Cappella

Home Free


Hoos In Treble (University of Virginia)

Hortus M. Singers


In Full Colour (University of Waterloo)


Integration by Parts

In The Buff (University of Colorado)

In The Pink (Oxford University)

InToneNation (Montgomery Blair High School)

Invisible Men


Ithacappella (Ithaca College)

Jabberwocks (Brown University)

Jackson Jills (Tufts University)

Jackson Millar

Jazzchor Freiburg

Jeff Flaster

Jerry Lawson & Talk of The Town

Jersey Transit

John K. Brown

Johnnie Blend

Joker's Wild

Jordana Talsky

Joshua Bredemeier

Jukebox Logic

June Caravel

Juxtaposition (Virginia Polytechnic Institute)

Kalamazoo Barbershop Chorus & Quartets

Kaskeset (Binghamton University, SUNY)

KC A Cappella

KeyHarmony (University of Central Florida)

KeyStone A Cappella


Kingsmen (Columbia University)

Kol Echad (Boston University)

Kol Ish

Kol Sasson (University of Maryland)

Kühn Choir of Prague

Ladies In Red (North Carolina State University)

Lady Blue (Duke University)

Lady Jaye

Last Call (Cornell University)


Liberty Voices

Lilli Lewis

Little Big Men

Logarhythms (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Lone Star Sound

Lorenzo Subrizi

Low Key (James Madison University)

Lumen Valo


MadHatters (University of Wisconsin - Madison)

Madhatters & Tangled Up In Blue (University of Wisconsin - Madison)


maennerquartett schnittpunktvokal & Kvartet Vita


Main Squeeze (Syracuse University)

Maize Mirchi (University of Michigan)

Manginah (Brandeis University)


Marcoux Corner

Martin Carbow

Mary Schmary

Mass Transit (New York University)




Medusa (University of Chicago)

Melica (Elizabethtown College)

Melodious Thunk (Northwestern University)

Men In Black

Mezzo Macho


Michigan Jake

Mighty Echoes

Mighty Prince Singers

Mike Why

Mile 21 a cappella (University of Colorado)

Mind the Gap (University of Oregon)

Minor Variation (Wake Forest University)

MIT Muses (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

MIX (University of Colorado)

Mixed Company (Stanford University)

Mixed Company (Yale University)

Mixed Company (Stanford University)

Mixed Company (Yale University)

Mixed Company (Stanford University)

Mixed Company (Yale University)

Mixed Company (Stanford University)

Mixed Company (Yale University)

Mixed Company (Stanford University)

Mixed Company (Yale University)

Mixed Company (Stanford University)

Mixed Company (Yale University)

Mixed Company (Stanford University)


Mosaic Whispers (Washington University in St. Louis)




Naked Voices (University of California, Santa Barbara)

Naturally 7

Naughty Scotty and the Octapella & Take 7

Neri Per Caso


No Better Cause

No Limit

None Of The Above (NOTA) (Pennsylvania State University)

Nonsequitur (Columbia University)

Northern Lights (Durham University)

Northern Lights (Plymouth North High School)

No Southern Accent (University of Florida)

No Strings A Cappella

No Strings Attached

No Strings Attached (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

No Strings Attached (Burbank High School)

Note-Oriety (James Madison University)

Note to Self (Binghamton University)

Not From Concentrate

Nothin' but Treble (Georgia Institute of Technology)

Not Too Sharp (University of New Hampshire)

Now & Then


Octopodes (Johns Hopkins University)

Off The Beat (University of Pennsylvania)

Ois Voice



One Note Stand (University of Texas at Austin)

Onoscatopoeia (University of Toronto)

On Tap (Lehigh University)

On The Rocks (University of Oregon)

Opus Jam

Orange Appeal (Syracuse University)

Otto Tunes (Syracuse University)

Out of the Blue (Duke University)

Out of the Blue (Yale University)

Out of the Blue (Duke University)

Out of the Blue (Oxford University)

Out of the Blue (Yale University)

Out of the Blue (Duke University)

Out of the Blue (Oxford University)

Out of the Dawg House (Butler University)

Outspoken (Oregon State University)

PandemoniUM (University of Maryland)

Penn Masala (University of Pennsylvania)

Pennsylvania Six-5000 (University of Pennsylvania)

Penny Loafers (University of Pennsylvania)

PennYo (University of Pennsylvania)

Perły i Łotry (Pearls and Rascals)

Phalanx (Elizabethtown College)

Pieces of 8

Pipeline Vocal Project

Pitch, Please (Temple University)

Pitch, Please! A Cappella (University of California, Los Angeles)

Plead the Fifth (Wake Forest University)



Pros & Cons

Psalm 100 (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)

Purple Haze (Northwestern University)



Quaker Notes (University of Pennsylvania)





Rak Shalom (University of Maryland)

Random Association

Random Chants

Random Voices (University of California, Los Angeles)

Ransom Notes (University of Chicago)



Rebel Bit

Rebirth 7 (None)

Redefined (University of Wisconsin - Madison)



Remedy (Argyle High School)


Resonance (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)



Reverse Osmosis (University of Southern California)

Rhythm & Blue (Duke University)

Riltons vänner


Rock N' Rhythm


'Round Midnight

Run for Cover (University of Chicago)

Sapphires (University of North Carolina at Greensboro)

S#arp Attitude (University of Massachusetts Amherst)

ScatterTones (University of California, Los Angeles)

Schrödinger's Cat

Scollay Square Quartet

Scott & Ryceejo


Semi-Toned (University of Exeter)

S-Factor (Tufts University)

Shades (Yale University)

Shades of Blue A Cappella (Bradley High School)

Shir Appeal (Tufts University)


ShireiNU (Northwestern University)

ShockWave (Rutgers University)

Signature A Cappella (University of California, Los Angeles)

Similar Jones

Simply Put


Six Appeal

Sixth Wave



Smithereens (Smith College)

SoCal VoCals (University of Southern California)

Sons of the Day

Sönghópurinn Sólarmegin

Sound Off A Cappella

Sounds of Pleasure (University of Pittsburgh)


South Creek Revival


Speak of the Devil (Duke University)



Spur of the Moment (Brandeis University)

Stanford Counterpoint (Stanford University)

Stanford Raagapella (Stanford University)

Starving Artists (Brandeis University)



Stony Brook High C's

Straight No Chaser

Street Corner Symphony

Stuck In the Middle (SIM) (Middlebury College)


Swaram A Cappella (Texas A&M University)

Sweet Honey in the Rock

Sweet Signatures (Elon University)

Sympathetic Vibrations (Georgia Institute of Technology)

Take 6

TakeNote (Clemson University)

Take Note Acapella

Talisman (Stanford University)

Talk To The Hand

Tangled Up In Blue (University of Wisconsin - Madison)

Tar Heel Voices (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)

Tat Tong

Terpsichore (Boston University)

Testimony (Stanford University)

The 18 Wheelers (The Wheeler School)

The Acaphiliacs (Florida State University)

The A Cappella Group (Cypress Lake High School)

The Accidentals (College of William & Mary)

The Accidentals (University of Georgia)

The Achordants (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)

The Adelines (Waterville High School)

The AllNighters (Johns Hopkins University)

The Amalgamates (Tufts University)

The Amateurs (Washington University in St. Louis)

The Ambassadors of Harmony

The Apex Project

The Back Row (Colorado College)

The Beelzebubs (Tufts University)

The Binghamton Crosbys (Binghamton University, SUNY)

The Bison Chips (Bucknell University)

The Blenders

The Blue Notes (Wellesley College)

The BluesTones (James Madison University)

The Bobs

The Boston Common

The Bostonians (Boston College)

The Buffalo Chips (University at Buffalo, SUNY)

The Bufftones/Double Treble

The Capital Hearings

The Chorallaries of MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

The Chordials (Cornell University)

The Chromatics

The Class Notes (Cornell University)

The Coats

The Cocktails (University of South Carolina)

The Coda Conduct (Pennsylvania State University)

The Colgate Resolutions (Colgate University)

The Conn Artists

The Crescendudes (University of Central Florida)

The Crossing

The Dachays

The Dartmouth Rockapellas (Dartmouth College)

The Dartmouth Subtleties (Dartmouth College)

The Davidson Generals

The Dear Abbeys (Boston University)

The Doo-Wop Shop

The Douglas Frank Chorale

The Dynamics (University of Massachusetts, Amherst)

The Earth Tones (University at Albany, SUNY)


The Euphorics

The Exboyfriends

The Finding Connection Singers

The Firemen

The GelCaps

The Generics (University of Maryland)

The Gentlemen of the College (The College of William & Mary)

The Ghost Files

The G-Men (University of Michigan)

The Hangovers (Cornell University)

The Harmonics (Stanford University)

The Harvard Din & Tonics (Harvard University)

The Harvard Opportunes (Harvard University)

The Hexachords (University of Massachusetts, Amherst)

The House Jacks

The Hullabahoos (University of Virginia)

The Humbuckers

The Hyannis Sound

The Idea of North

The Illinois Rip Chords (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

The Innocent Men (University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire)

The Inversions (Cedarville University)

The Irrationals

The Jewel Tones

The Kinsey Sicks

The Limestones

The Loreleis (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)

The Lost Keys

THEM (Tulane University)

The Maccabeats

The Madison Project (James Madison University)

The Magic Touch

The Magnets

The Melismatics (Lehigh University)

The Mello Divas (Berkeley Preparatory School)

The Midnight Ramblers (University of Rochester)

The MIT/Wellesley Toons (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

The Moscow State University Academic Choir

The New Blue (Yale University)

The New Dominions (University of Virginia)

The Newport Pearls (Christopher Newport University)

The Northern Lights

The Notochords (Virginia Commonwealth University)

The Nylons

The Octāves (University of Richmond)

The OrphanSporks (Rutgers University)

The Overtones (James Madison University)

The Pennchants (University of Pennsylvania)

The Pennharmonics (Pennsylvania State University)

The Persuasions

The Pitchforks (Duke University)

The Potsdam Pitches

The Princeton Footnotes (Princeton University)

The Princeton Singers

The Princeton University Wildcats (Princeton University)

The Ramifications (Suffolk University)

The Ransom Notes (University of Texas at Austin)

The Real Six.Pack

The Rhythm Method (Binghamton University, SUNY)

The Rice Philharmonics

The Royal 8

The Rusty Pipes (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)

The Shabbatones (University of Pennsylvania)

The Shaggy Boys (Iowa State University)

The Sil'hooettes (University of Virginia)

The Simmons Sirens (Simmons University)

The Sirens

The Sirens (University of Southern California)

The Sirens (University of Richmond)

The Sirens (University of Southern California)

The Society of Orpheus and Bacchus (Yale University)

The Sons of Pitches

The Stanford Mendicants (Stanford University)

The Statesmen (Pennsylvania State University)

The Stereotypes (Washington University in St. Louis)

The Swingle Singers

The Tarpeggios (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)

The Techtonics (Imperial College London)

The Tigertones (Princeton University)

The Toccatatones (High Point University)

The Tone Rangers

The Touchtones (Cornell University)

The Tupelos (Wellesley College)

The Unaccompanied Minors (University of Waterloo)

The UNCG Spartones (University of North Carolina at Greensboro)

The Undertones (Northwestern University)

The UVM Top Cats

The Vanderbilt Melodores (Vanderbilt University)

The Vassar Devils (Vassar College)

The Virginia Belles (University of Virginia)

The Virginia Gentlemen (University of Virginia)

The Vocaholics (New York University)

The Vocal Suspects (University of Massachusetts, Amherst)

The Wicked Pitches

The Williams Ephlats (Williams College)

The Yale Spizzwinks(?) (Yale University)

The YChromes (University of Delaware)

The Zumbyes

Three 5 and 6

Three Men and a Tenor

Tigeroar (Clemson University)

Tino Spieß Vocal Producktions

Tizmoret (Queens College)

T Minus 5

Tonic Sol-Fa

Town Criers


Treblemakers (Northwestern University)

Treblemakers (University of Maryland)

Treblemakers (Northwestern University)

Treblemakers (University of Maryland)

TR Griffin

Troy State University Stallmen (Troy University)

Troy Tones (University of Southern California)

Tufts Anchord (Tufts University)

Tufts sQ! (Tufts University)


Tuxedo Junction

Twisted Measure (Elon University)

UGA Noteworthy (University of Georgia)

Unaccompanied Women (University of Chicago)



UNIQUE Acappella Vocal Ensemble

Unsung Heroes

Up the Octave (Brandeis University)

Uptown Vocal (Columbia University)


Urban Voices

Ursa Minors (Brown University)

Various Artists

Viridescent (University of Vermont)

Vital Signs (Elon University)


Vocal Accent (Rochester Institute of Technology)

Vocal Chaos


Vocal Group SONO


Vocalign (Elizabethtown College)


Vocal Point (University of Delaware)

Vocal Point (University of Rochester)

Vocal Point (Brigham Young University)

Vocal Six


VoiceMale (Brandeis University)

Voice Male

Voice Of Praise

Voices (Moses Brown School)

Voices in Your Head (University of Chicago)

Voices of Gotham

Voices Only

Voices On The Dark Side

Voice Trek

Vokalt Selskap

Vote For Pedro

Vox 11


Vox One

Vox Pop

Western Wind Vocal Ensemble

West Side 5

Who's Your Daddy!

WHS Octets (Winchester High School)

Wibi (York University)

Wolfgang (North Carolina State University)

X-Changed (David Lipscomb University)

X-Factors (Northwestern University)

XIV Hours (Durham Academy)

Xtension Chords (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

YellowJackets (University of Rochester)

Y-Studs A Cappella

Yumiko Matsuoka

Zulal Armenian A Cappella Trio


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